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Gisela Gonzalez-Montiel
Graduate Student

Department of Chemistry
Oregon State University
153 Gilbert Hall
Corvallis, OR 97331-2902

Biographic Information

Native to Oregon, Gisela A. Gonzalez-Montiel grew up in the city of Portland. Staying close to family, Gisela obtained her Bachelor's of Science in chemistry at the University of Portland. During her undergraduate career, Gisela explored different research interests. She was a 2014 Equity Intern at Oregon Health and Science University, working with research mentor Show-Ling Shyng, Ph.D., of the Biochemistry & Molecular Biology department to understand how mutations of ATP-sensitive potassium ion channel lead to disease. She was also part of the 2015 and 2016 University of Portland Pollentia Expeditions working with research mentor Valerie A. Walters, Ph.D., where she performed chemical analysis of soils, coins, metal artifacts, pottery shards, and bones from the archeological ancient Roman naval city of Pollentia in Mallorca, Spain. Spectroscopic instruments used were a portable X-ray fluorescence spectrometer, portable Raman spectrometer, and portable laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) spectrometer. In 2016, Gisela moved to Corvallis, OR and entered the Ph.D. in organic chemistry at OSU, where she joined Dr. Sandra Loesgen's lab in natural products chemistry. She is currently exploring the secondary metabolites isolated and characterized from various fungi for their function in nature and potential as antibiotic, anti-tumor, and anti-viral drug leads. In collaboration with Dr. Jeff Stone (OSU) and Dr. Michael Freitag (OSU) she is looking into fungal secondary metabolites and their role in chemical ecology.